Learning and knowledge – Academic communication publishing strategy: WordPress  Solftware Platatform in FE – BIG Date

Jusenildes Dos Santos

Abstract: The text emphasizes a cohesive and contextual scientific approch and technology of The practical technological experiment in digital tool in space and environment of  AVA Software of programs with more advanced results in WordPress, in interdisciplinary central theme advanced results in WordPress, in interdisciplinary central theme – Artificial intelligence – “Learning and knowledge”, inward for human interaction as general and specific strategic circuit and objective in digital publication format. It is presented in developers’ language and DD processing, through: 1st Phase; 2nd Phase and 3rd Phase. Wide Word Wonld – Methodology and user profiles for: Synchronization; Sharing; Collaborative and participatory; and Formative. Situates to reach restricted academic audiences; institutional- Organizational and professional. The practice involves communication ICTs – Big Date distributed in technical support and academic administrator and linked to registration and accompaniments FAPESP – Registration .

Keyword: Learning. Knowledge. Digital strategy. Training. Artificial intelligence. Human interaction

Aprendizagem e conhecimento – Estratégia de publicação comunicação acadêmica: Plataforma Sotfware WordPress em FE – Digital Date

Resumo: O texto enfatiza abordagem coesa e contextual científica e tecnologia da prática experimento tecnológico em ferramenta digital em espaço e ambiente de AVA Softwares de programas, com resultados mais avançados em WordPress, em temática central interdisciplinar – Inteligência artificial – “Aprendizagem e conhecimento”, adentrantes para interação humana como circuito e objetivo geral e específicos estratégicos em formato de publicação digital. Apresenta- se em linga de desenvolvedores e processamento DD, mediante: 1ª Fase; 2ª Fase e 3ª Fase. Wide Word Wonld – Metodologia e perfis de usuários para: Sincronização; Compartilhamento; Colaborativas e participativas; e Formativas. Situa para atingir restritos públicos acadêmicos; institucionais- Organizacionais e profissionais. A prática envolvem comunicação TICs – Big Date distribuido em suporte técnico e administrador acadêmico e vinculado de registro e acompanhamentos FAPESP – Domínio registro.

Palavras – chave: Aprendizagem .Conhecimento. Estratégia digital.Formação.Interacao humana. Inteligência artifucial.

Keywords: Learning. Knowledge. Digital strategy. Formation. Human interaction. Artificial intelligence.


In strategies of academic scientific publication and technology in developments and interdisciplinary processing artificial intelligence, software of standardized digital program in practices for dissemination of information and communication in more advanced formats – WordPress Platform. The innovative Big Date experience engendered by Optimization Tools manipulated and managed considerably by thematic edition – Online learning and knowledge, with wide Word Wundi breadth. The space and virtual environment – AVA users access through human interaction via machine, the innovative specific method of platform to publish and disseminate digital in diverse Big Date distribution. Distance inserts thematic strategy of approach in a dialectic of scientific advances proposed for users and interactive search. The disciplinary thematic production process emphasize.

Publications with interdisciplinary thematic approaches with styles of advances in discourse and academic dialectics mitigate by digital practical article in: Reflections; Short or extensive colloquia and rehearsals. Unleash specific communication style with integrated interactive software standardization such as: Online access to research and consultation to the domain in communication and information technology linked to FAPESP – São Paulo Research Foundation. Thematizing productions of advances in a learning and knowledge methodology. Through software and program Google sites developer with own registration domain and in-depth on ICT platform – WordPress for digital On LINE publication, integrated in Big Date. Seeking instant synchronization in minimal digital time and diversified distributor distributed by technological means of communication and network networks. Strategies in aid of digital developer tools and digitized processing of Big Date data. Transposing security storage integration standardized basic and advanced integral simultaneous data: a) Languages and languages; b) Connection and orthographic axes; c) Information systems; d) Media; e) ABNT data; f) Semantic Web; g) Standardized security storage; h) Consultation and search strategies; i) Developers for digital and mobile networks

The methodoligy is presented in three basic systematic phases: 1st Phase – Domain www. Jusenildesdossantos.registro – edu – integrated by regional provider distributor and Software developer Google sites; 2nd Phase – Domain and registration – edu www links developer in research Fapesp – Production of academic scientific thematic and literary knowledge; 3rd Phase – Domain and registration links developer FAPESP – WordPress platform software [Wordpress and Tec- private] thematic interdisciplinary and adm.

The theme of learning and knowledge in production encompasses the dissemination of information through the Big Date platform in integrated advances for a more diverse distribution of communicative formats in publication and aims to achieve interactive user profiles: Synchronization; Shares; Collaborative and participatory advances; Formative. And to emphasize mainly and also policies of sustainable innovations of the traditional and conventional of publication, for digital culture of open chain inclusion.

Learning and knowledge: Developers related environments The FE provided to develop in a thematic principle of an online approach to the production of knowledge in textual format, in perspectives of interdisciplinary epistemological discourse and academic dialectic, of axes and related topics entering into the instance and emphasis of CA, in contexts of communication and information format academic disseminative publication in digital media, using the platform in systemic programming in styles editing approach to studies and advances by disciplinary area terminology, strategic directive in bringing together profiles of users, institutions and organizations and others, in access to digital networks: a) Restricted public; b) open public; c) Unrestricted; d) Various by professional profile.

The learning process using research and Advanced study mitigates with academic production of knowledge with axes of information and communication with reflexes of approach and tone openings to answer or investigate surroundings and axes of considerations cico eicnico ecico ecologico ecologico ecologico ecologico The methodological practices of bibliographic references diverse and broad. Adequacy of discussion and studies by specific thematic and optics on political issues opening of functions of communication and information faces a joint observatory principle, as a focus of questions for its responsible actors The epistemological disciplinary fronts of institutional or individual discourse of academic students. Facing the themes developed by normative programming devices with digital tools and for visualization by On LINE publication by Data in artificial intelligent language, entering IH – Human Interactive accesses, through sources of informational references available on the platform. Basically objective and specific to meet audiences and restrictions opened by virtual disseminative virtual domain pir publishing integrating: Social networks; Emails; etc. Synchronized routing of integrated and cadastres and network networks; Collaborative and Participative, and etc. The strategic environment and virtual environment in Big Date means the distance WWW – Wide Word Wild through infinities of interconnected connections and integrated by ICTs, arrive in

Disseminated publishing strategies: Synchronization and digital shares – User profiles

Restricted user profile – Situated by registration of individual users, professional researchers, professors, professionals, institutions and organizations. In parallel parameters of interests integrated by representative area and members and members of investigative studies or in thematic and interdisciplinary thematic development of academic epistemological topics and axes of communication and knowledge in academic production of advances introduced and submitted by learning. Broadcasts for disciplinary interests and research: Multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields. and Countries of digital spheres and official languages.

User profile publication sharing – Rights with specific academic areas, official institutional members and working and study teams by litigating segments digital network systems and advisory services.

User profile collaborative or participative publication – Direct thematic within institutional representative segments of academic interest. Knowledge suggestive for the specific approach to interdisciplinary area by disseminating reading and vision in production.

User profile formative publication – Directs training and information on topics with outlines to meet the interest of updating referential to profiles in orientation and formative approach in lines of knowledge of institutional position of epistemological thought.

FE – BIG Date for digital publication

Optimization devices direct service to certain segments of researchers and professionals who publish on a dynamic scale by academic communication profile and dissemination of knowledge production in disciplinary areas. And new, more traditional and more dynamic form of distributed BIG Date diversities connected and integrated with networks and networks of networks. Communities and research centers supported by numerous information systems made available on the On Line chain. ICT developers Software in simultaneous and instantaneous programming manipulated and administered in person in human interaction in a virtual environment with digital language devices programmed and activated to search and retrieve data. Organized assumptions for editing posts and pages to publish for virtual media – Digital production. Systematically, innovation serves as a disseminative and inclusive information source open to a multitude of electronic formats, digital media, optical and communication litigants and media.

IA – Artificial intelligence through human interaction – Platform Information and communication in digital data users trained and able to interact with machines and virtual environments. Sustainable advances in both in giant challenges to be overcome, with each dissemination synchrony and sharing production. Dynamic area permeated with innovations programmed to assist subjects and actors of communication and technologies with their sciences and performance practices. Publication is a wide-ranging degree in which thought and knowledge can and should bring together distances, longitudes and dissensions. When publishing scientific productions and communication online, the circulation takes place in diffuse environments and works that serve and supply infinite observatories and practices and theorists predisposed to confrontations and problem solutions, adding speeches and epistemological discussions in their disciplinary areas in central or sub-thematic themes.

The Data: Domain platform – www. Jusenildesdossantos.com

FIRST PHASE – Developed on Googles sites, with FE- of the Microsoft family of 2000.

With domain Registration – FAPESP – USP and Registration. Architecture had been developed by the programming project in regular specialization of Systems Analysis – Architecture with pedagogical direction. The programming part was academic experience of young students in introduction in undergraduate information systems, who accepted the possible challenge in developing the “sites”, which would be a practice of advances to knowledge and academic guidance that we passed and adhered to both that interest opened possible and simple as basic to develop an optimization Googles sites. Domain and registration level: https://www.jusenildesdossantos.com. First was applied to education domain segments – education… and later in IT, with registration. Net annually with central base with FAPESP , regionally – Infonet in Aracaju as technical provider – admin. From 2000 to May. 2018. Menu: Main page; Home page; Scientific articles; Newspaper articles; Biography; Contact; Photos; books; poetry; Projects; Publications. The developed information system, a static synchrony repertoire and simple thematic repository based on publications. Recognized for financial returns by official business services sector and apprentices renewed annual performances. The deposit – Updates of serial publications such.

a) Blogs and:

b) Sites – pages; The adductions of Googles sites, to update with centralization of access still for programmers and not extensive to the domain – author, but there were no probabilities of Bytes and memory in storages.

Designs [Menu PAGE Googles sites https: Jusenildes dos Santos – Home; Menu; Publications; Biography; Newspaper articles; Scientific articles; Books; Photos; contacts…]

Over the 3-year span, there was limited update systematics – programmers learning academics and permission developers. To advance optimization in 2008, Googles sites, advanced to that developers with permission to FE – SI Agenda, linking activities, Discussion Forums, thematic communities, business, blogs, websites, and even more centered on centralized programmers – Googles for permission. The FE tool – Googles, needed professional environments, and communication with non-optimizing connection. In the same way as apprentice programmers, resistance for not seeking to emphasize ” Clients who valued – those, with professional proposal for research and advance, there were no interests in the project. In this way we sought information in communities and professionals who developed in the most optimized advances integrated and advanced and with other prolongations of FE, it was the digital policy and legislation 2010 approximately. For the business segment / development and creation of the Sites – professionals, business – personal, cultural …

Business features – virtual segments:

(a) regional and local providers;(b) it companies;c) Consulting segments for work – AI; d) Companies “search” – Domain aggregators and registration – connection. University academics: FAPESP etc.

1.Telecommunication connection – Provider

Carnal fixed telephony with connection to the system – On line by companies:

A) Optical line cable in connection with On line. And in this needed also: telephone signature local or national regular property in authorized connection[A and logal; B) System subscription with WWW provider. With and adoption limitation and imlimitation of alert connection – Closed with associated kyts systematic table for day/hour alert or limited; C) Centralized system – Home or office. The optimization routes needed online connection: Telephony to optimal cabling; Providers with connection optíma to wired telephony and with online interconnection www – Satellites.

The characteristics with the cellular mobile system – Broadband, galgava and took strides, due to the technical particularities of ICTs in evidence, with full transparencies, with total composed of dependencies transposed information impossibilities and barriers in ICT services in connection: Telecommunication and providers, advances in Brazil – Centralized in the Ministry of Communication in connection with M &C Science and Technologies.

2.PP – Integration ICT technological segments of Information and Communication

PP ICT steps in science and technology at the scientific academic level C&T in universities that forward advances and praxis with training of extensive and undergraduate courses and projects: Engineering; Computer science; Analysis of information systems etc. Specializations have advanced in these characteristics of advances and integration the ICTs – C&T began fragmentation:

(a)mobile telephony broadband – Satellites by private concession; b) Channel memory www. Satellites. without fixed residence, more alert in connection.

To the state system, it becomes a concession with proposal of volumes in qualities of aggregator segments ICCs and connection for optimization of service sector – An articulating proposal with connection to the government State – ANATEL – National Telecommunication Agency – BR that would then be far away provides: a) PP Regulation – Law with digital line and connection and telecommunications [Fixed and mobile];b) Joint; c) Guide;d) Supervise;e) Provides and f) To draw up guidelines for segments by service sectors and non-existences to systematics in a prologuem of studies – AI or they would have to have and possess that historical connectors, the profile of sites and other environments advance and also circumvent advances with more integration.

The proposal presented a new, more practical view with other characteristics of traditional and digital domestic and synchronous publications and disseminations. So we walked by:

a) Individual printed scientific and investigative publications with research and studies with optimization of academic professionals and segments and collectives in groups; b) Advances and optimizations of theses and articles with dissertations; Technical studies, etc.; (c) thematic articles; d) PP comments and studies with opinion and analytical vision [ Collaborative Online Spaces in news, debates and thematic discussions]; e) Project Elaborations – PP; f) Studies of barriers and impeccables of organizational ON LINE PP services; State and private concessions; g) Literatures – Poetry, poems; And Prose and chronicles ;h) Social networks [Facebook, Whatzapp etc.];i) Googles thematic forums sites; j) Communities of scientific academic studies; k) Discussions; l) E-mail synchronies; m) Link [ Institutional and personal] n) FCP training – theology and policies for EE and others; o) Reports of technical and scientific events of segmented researchers, as members; p) Thematic studies; q) PP – thematic and problematization of social, political and socioeconomic issues, etc.; r) Official participatory collaboratives; s) Videoconferences and video recordings.


An information system – SI as a digital software program for own administration and use of FE in the range of manipulation and management coordinated by www and systematic chain support, as potential for advances and integrated, with: Registration; Bimonthly signature membership; Registration net domain deposit and academic systematization of ICTs – BR www chain – communication and information satellites – FAPESP. With characteristics;

a) WWW – World Wide; b) Virtual digital; c) Central thematic – Learning and Knowledge line of concentration;

d) Thematic publication studies [ICTs; Information and communication; Projects; Theology and politics – FCP;

e) With FE, for automatic optimization for online publishing with auto – Publish, edit, and update…];

f) Registration with institutional and professional synchronies with other sites and platforms;

g) Automatic translators FE – optional translator; h) With reader display; Author admin;

i) Suggestive web design with Images, and other surroundings;

j) Controls and registration mappings of publications per month by month for access menu and recovery searches;

k) Carnal social networks for instant syncs most used and accessed in integration;

l) Carnal https://www.jusenildesdossantos.com and https://www.jusenildesdossantoscom.wordpress.com;

m) WordPrees aid support;

n) Admin – loguin;

o) E-mail;

p) Possible statistics;

q) And etc.

Definition and conceptual theoretical and practical terminological and epistemological reference of knowledge – Learning and knowledge

The terminology of the approach circulation perceptions and scientific epistemological environments – Learning education and axes in Knowledge Management in perspectives and centralizing trends and disciplinary areas Science and Information and Communication with fundamentals of principles of instrumentals and pedagogical resources with EF – Specific digital Data Tools: ICTs – Information and communication technology. Topics: Learning and knowledge, enters Knowledge management in the introspection of education in scientific production of various informational sources of education communication carnals: Teaching, research and extension, in professional skills and ethical and moral responsible in the face of active actions as a citizen in the sociopolitical connections of insertion of PP – Public policies facing the construction of issues and problems in the search for aggregations to be welcomed in performances and governmental projects Governmental facing societies in the communities human social development application in parallel with other confrontations. This construction of margins and themes of reflection of deepening and dynamic investigative and practical studies with construction of informational references in the principle of educational learning and in various axes and affluents of interdisciplinarities of joint thematic aggregations, for transdisciplinarities of theoretical and practical accesses etc. In these these competent performances of informational in assumed or coo participatory, collaborative designs, of emphases of some disciplinary diversities of knowledge, precisely for transdisciplinary protection, with openings of broad hemispheric foci contributions from socioeconomic issues; Cultural issues; Human, C&T; Medical Health; Organizational; Government agencies, etc. Extensive insertion with its assumed limitations and waiting for transformations and changes of societies and communities. Trends perspectives in Information Science, understanding that acquisition of informational instruments in various disciplinary facets by contexts and definitions conceptual terminology and epistemological constructed from the areas of aggregating knowledge, based on scientific and intrinsic advances in C&T and tool potentials in diverse resources: Traditional sustainable printing and ICT innovations – Digital data, represented and recorded in information sources to be disseminated and accessed by diverse communities and citizens and clientele in their competent precise paths , reflected in socio-cultural and political appeals, in the EE directions – Exercises of spirituality for harmony: Body, Soul and Spirit forming a greater construction of personalities and reparative behaviors, for performances of means of production and human capital in productive and formative work – HRM – Management of human resources of christian community lives s , faced with the human vocational conviction of the civil personality before position and requirements of professional and academic position and representation of degrees and responsible official regulated scientific holders ethical and moral support in front of professional assistives with regulations with the coo participations: Semi-academic and auxiliary, specific and technological techniques. An aggregator sets of practical and theoretical informational constructions in the face of competent performances in relational and human environments, and in works and various responsible positions, in which we will be forming and graduating into new real needs with knowledge: Tacitus present and explicitly perspective to be constructed in our organizational insertions or not. Aware that as members – Learn to learn and Be and be in human relationships and connected at distances or not with and various carnal and litigant fronts: Behavioral psíco; Emotional; Cognitive neuro; Anthropological; Conjunctivas and sustainable, and so on. In contemporary times accesses information mitigates in which the fronts and carnal digital data undertake innovative advances C&T diverse for informational facilitation and inclusion of mobile sources with propects of interactions with digital data with characteristics with greater potentials: Agile and fast with communication speeds and connection Technological data – www, for human trainers and training in human interactions in various digital interfaces and domestic or non-domestic machines and related chains of learning and knowledge and greater involvements and convinced free and open access routes. The trend of Knowledge disciplinary area IA – Artificial intelligence chained future joint disciplinary connections and interdisciplinary interdisciplinary transdisciplinary adjuncts, because it transposes other constructs and knowledge more always in the apotheosis of educational learning. The human citizen is an organized social and political being, who needs to relate and build bridges of infinite socio-constructive educational and educational relationships; cognitive and pedagogical and other methods and – SI information systems put and on interactive paths. Especially the disciplinary area that is designed and presented – is for performances and skills in formations on their parallel active fronts.


Data Analytics and Statistical Accesses – Platform

The approach that a statistical mapping is considered as digital data of controls with positions of a possible chain and connection in relation to interests of: Reading, searching and retrieving digital data from sources of scientific and informational productions stored in the base with an SI – Information System – WordPress platform and its tool and resources ready to be available www. Online. In a trajectory perspectives and mapping of position controls in accesses and exploration of digital data represented in informational sources through the registered scientific productions and on important themes essential for campus discussion and investigations of studies. These themes presented by a registration menu of Registration Months on a monthly schedule and accesses:


 Information – Visualizations; Visitors; Posts; Better views; Comments – Authors( Author); Posts and thematic pages.

Days – Numerical graphs of elevation scale (Ascending and decreasing) of digital data by scale of Day – Month – Year with site time zone perspectives (UTC -8); Views – visitors; Posts and pages – Title – visualizations by quantitative numerical digital data; References; Clicks;

 Authors (Author) – visualizations; Countries [ World Map] on an increasing and decreasing scale of elevation by digital data numbers; Search terms; Videos; File downloads;  Weeks – daily behavior by date – month – Year in Site Time Zone (UTC -8). Views %; Visitors in motion charts on a scale of increasing and decreasing elevation ( 0 -120) weekly projection per day – week. Digital data in visualizations; Visitors; Likes ; Comments. Posts and pages – Views [ Titles – Views]; References; Click; Authors (Author) – Visualizations by quantitative numerical data; Countries[World Map] by increasing country scale – decreasing in level of views; Search terms; Videos; File downloads;  Months – Projection analysis and mappings by months [Month- Day- Year] in Time zone access site registration (UTC-8). Visualizations% by quantitative numerical data. In graphical scale of projection and elevation Ascending – decreasing ( 0-160) – Month – Year. In mapped situations. E ; Visitors; Likes; Comments with Quantitative Numerical Data; Posts and pages – Views; Securities Scale by Projection of Access Data Ascending – Decreasing; References – visualizations[References – Titles at scale [WordPress Reader. With; No WoordPress panel – In increasing quantitative numerical digital data – disbelieving; Clicks [Link – Clicks]; Authors with quantitative digital numerical data; Countries of the World Map ( 1-20) – Views; Countries on a country scale by accesses – Visualizations by projection from parents to parents increasing – decreasing in quantitative numerical data; Search terms; Videos; File downloads;

 Year – Platform analysis in the perspective of projection and mapping of access controls and information usuality in year – year. Site time zone (UTC-8); Visualizations by digital data with numerical projection in elevation scale ( 600-150) – Visitors%[ Visualizations in projected elevation charts exploratory in drawing visualization – Visitors- Likes- Comments [ Projection of chart elevation scale with increasing digital numerical data – decreasing % – 2005 – 2019 with [ Views; Visitors; Likes; Comments]; Posts and pages; Titles in visualize scale with increasing-disbelieving digital numerical data projection; References (References – previews [ WordPress reader. com – Google. com – WordPress Android App- Facebook- No WordPress Panel. On a numerical projection scale of quantitative digital data of increasing – disbeliever]; Clicks- Clicks [Link]; WordPress. With; jusenildesdossantos.com, WordPress.com/a…dribble.com/automatic; facebook; Authors (Author) – visualizations( jusenildes dos santos. With quantitative numerical digital data projected in data scale by quantitative visualizations – increasing-decreasing.]; World Map by country scale; Countries in digital data with increasing numerical numbers – decreasing by quantitative numerical digital data of accesses by countries worldwide and continents and regions by the Map and flag signs by parents., with more than 20 (Twenty countries) and presence of accesses recorded by viewed parents; Search terms; Videos; File downloads.

Observation:. Illustrative images of Map Mundi with significant colors of differentiation of each region and countries and continents [ American – North, Central, Latin South; African; Asian; Oriental and Polo Galaicos ].


a) Posts; b) Pages on individual sites;

The themes in highlights:

 Information and communication;  ICTs;  Theology and politics – FCP.

Publications Activities

The monthly projection with month by month:

a) Illustrations of graphic images per night – Views – visitors; Posts – Best times; Comments – Authors – Posts and pages; Author – Comments

The perspectives of mapping and access controls and views of readers and users in a world trajectory and in several countries. Explanatory reading with:

a) Charts – Digital data with projection of publications per month. Graphical exploratory explanatory reading and elevation scale[Less Posts] [More posts];

b) Visitors – Digital data with numerical quantities;

c) Likes;d) Comments- Digital data with numerical quantitative.

The considerations are presented so that we can analyze the movement of importance and its scientific prerogatives in an approach in: Projects and methodological situations in relation to Data – “Q . Q” : a) Quantitative results; b) Qualitative of resulting from access to the On line platform and its scientific productions. In exploratory descriptive circumstances of digital capture data and basic and essential statistical mappings.

Posts and Pages

Titles posted and sites on pages with more than 20 posts by themes in highlights or not.

Statistical data

It is presented by a scale menu in projection:

• AI – Information Analytics – Visualizations; Visitors; Better views; Comments – Authors ( Author); Posts and thematic pages.
• AS – Weekly Analytics – – Site Time Zone (UTC -8) – Views; Graphics: Visitors % in graphical perspectives and access captures ( Views; Visitors; Likes; Comments. To the indexes of monthly dates and weeks and trajectories of quantitative data and digital data of productions most accessed in quantitative numbers and others such as:

• Posts and pages – Titles; Views;

• References;

• Clicks;

• Authors ( Author); Views; Quantitative data;

• Presentable Mundi countries located country visits [Projection scale] and numerical quantitative data accesses and visualizations;

• Search terms;

• Videos;

• File downloads.

Synchronies – social networks

Links to social networks are different:

o Computer – Whatzapp; Twitter; Facebook; E-mail; Mr. Scapy.

o Moving data – Other [IN; Links; and others].

The system requires automatic expansion of its future synchronies, present subjected in a situation of enthronement actions not all publications, for some.

Platform Management and Administration – WordPress

Admin maintenance. is the position of developing advances of its resources and tools and its particularizations of signature contracts. All the densations of posts and pages of domain performances and registration with open carnal level present as well. At scale and level of the WordPress system, a support always triggered for some exploration paths and doubts works; Expansion; uses of resources. Security support and privacy. Admin. are functional author. There are still several features for expansion and better meanings of visualization and images and other larger details of parallel constructs digital data in platform e.g.: Synchrony administration; Links; synchronous comments; E-mail and follow-ups in research; Other search terms; References; Contacts of concise users of presence and conviviality with the open carnal of publications by their themes. Future times of greater exploitation of its resources and tools of the SI – platform information system.

Support – WordPress

Data of the SI platform – Autentic contact information system – headquarters in California and its present presence of the residence of the platform by extensive patents authorized in Brazil. Which functional contact bridges are connected by E-mail requests in returns of 24 to 36 hours of requesting responses. The platform works in investment circuit by subscription in instances of 2 to 2 renewable years for carnal open www.

Domain – registration


https://www.jusenilddossantos.com (name) – In all phases of open carnal and restricted in publications.

https://www.jusenildesdossantoscom.wordpress.com ( site) – Other wizards.

Net Registration – FAPESP

The Net registration and domain of sites in IT – Information Technology – Company that kept the registration with support of signature projection of annual or bi annual contracts of investments in open carnal http://www.; has always been the bridge of connection with FAPESP – São Paulo Research Foundation – Research Center in Information Technology and Education.

Statistical data – Evolution users profiles

The human interaction profile users happen and establish evolution by accesses of searches through public post in statistics of results by: Themes addressed and emphasized with level of interest in strategies programs by chronological index. Menu: Summary; Days; Months; and Year. Tabulated data, from evolution by countries, time zones. Language level and Evolution : Brazil, United States, France, Greece, China, Portugal, Mozambique, Japan, Spain, Russia, Northern Ireland, Cape Verde . And so on. The range of visitors approached at a distance through 27 diverse countries by Continents. The bases accessed among more views: Brazil and USA.

At the published production level indicates ranges of distance access, the objective and specific evolution each year:

• 2019 – 773 – average views • 2020 – 310 views average • Totals: 1003 views [Aug.2019 to May 2020]

The platform reaches diffuse interests and distant interactive professionals and researchers and organizations and institutions of integrated advances in networks. Information and communication in Big Date ICTs, in intelligent artificial machines and distributed systematics. The a priori goals will serve as extensive subsequent comparisons of sharing and synchronization. The tool and its manipulation and adm. emphasize projection in domain processing for a program as innovative technological software and developer and distance support for integrated advances. The functional tool of publication in communication and academic information publisher and editing in practical development, opens endless ties of media and communication style for scientific production in science and dissemination technologies in digital data format. Dynamic informational source with integrated standardization and systematic interactive connections for uses and manipulations of open and restrictive media and etworks with social public networks.arning and knowledge proposed dynamic in human interaction, provides particular reproduction of other informational products, and or innovations and data for research and research to which will forward the search of results, with paths of bibliometric mediation and specific monitoring in citations.

Source:[Image statistical platform WordPress 2020]


Considerably and through axes, in topics covered, we emphasize that Orimist tools of digital software programmed publishers and editors authors for digital publication, add to the parameters and virtual disseminative practice of data for communication and information with different media and media. Systematically these technological innovations, for academic production performance and style and format among conventional traditional sustainable another important support to diminish and supply devastating exploitation of standardized means of publication as consumption for access power of profit returns and not access to diffusion of inclusive knowledge and public. The strategic profiles of users meeting: Synchronized; Shared; Collaborative and participatory, and Formative, in this affirming litigator we systematically uphold the standardization of ordering, at the level of ABNT International, recognition of ordering of registration in ISBN of international registration integrated in integrated advances of digital Data, in external and internal academic environments, half developer and processing with support designed for researchers and professionals. The practical technological innovation of digital publishing provides countless results and data to be suggested for program and connection of observation of certain themes accompanied and collaborative of simultaneous and instantaneous performance research with related network and network. Expanding scopes and dimensions at a distance a possible intonation through academic productions and reach discussions of problems and cases in disciplinary and interdisciplinary science and technologies with ICT and Media tools. The platform with dynamic informational systems, developer and community providing and providing services in links to meet the needs of programming needs, digital works and design. Due to the performance distributed by BIG Date, they reinforce their goals and results and the observatory for publication of evolving and reciprocal statistics. Another promising diverse principle, for reading and services for shared research and study performance and connected virtual digital accesses integrated with experiment. In summary, the platform tool uses digital ICT optimization and even larger invitations from diffuse open audiences, unlimited if programmable in Big Date.

Bibliographic reference

1. CLEI – International Conference Informatics, PANAMA 2019.

2. WordPress – International Digital Software, California 2020.

3. FAPEESP – Domain : http://www.jusenildesdossantos.com

4. WordPress – http://www.jusenildesdossantoscomwordoress.com Domain                                          

[Santos, Jusenildes.,(2020). Learning and knowledge – Academic communication publishing strategy: WordPress  Solftware Platatform in FE – BIG Date. Articles in tese.[Doutorado]. Submetid comitê internacional XXIV CLEI – 2020. Equador]

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